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Pontoon Fisher

Pontoon Fisher


Experience the ease of use that the Anchor-Fast products provide!

  • Product Info

    This kit is designed for the many pontoons that are out there catching fish on the weekends.  2 of our Anchor-Fast (1/8"-1/2" rope sizes) devices to go on the front and back of the pontoon for easy anchoring.  Then we provide 6 of our Anchor-Fast Jr's (1/4"-5/16" ropes) so 3 can be spaced evenly on each side of the boat.  These can often be mounted on the top or on the insides of the rails.  These will provide versatile placement of fish baskets, stringers, minnow buckets so you can say goodbye to those awkward times of trying to figure out where to tie these on safely and securely.    


    Save by buying the kit over individual pieces.  


    All stainless steel parts and extremely durable plastic.  Allen wrenches for adjusting the Anchor-Fasts as well as mounting screws come with each item.  Can also elect to pop rivet depending on the application.  

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