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Product Reviews                

Simply terrific

This is a great, well-made item. Positively and instantly secure the anchor for a small boat with one hand. Set the anchor with one motion.

When installing, be certain the channel hangs over the side of the boat; this is not clear from the instructions.

— Tubefool, Westchester, NY


Anchor-Fast Pontoon Boat anchor rope holder

I bought an Anchor-Fast anchor rope holder and mounted it on my pontoon boat. It worked so slick that three of my friends wanted one too so I purchased three more and helped them install them. The Anchor-Fast can be mounted in a convenient location using either a wooden or metal mount attached to the frame with the anchor rope routed to the rear through simple pullys. It should be a standard Fly fishing Catalog item as most pontoon boats do not come with adequate anchor systems.

— Robertinoregon1234, Pendleton, OR


Really good purchase

I used to get so annoyed at pulling up the anchor on my small bass boat and trying to tie it off. This product was so inexpensive and works wonderfully. Thanx...

— bassnurse


Anchor-Fast Review

Very pleased with the quality and function of the product. Would recommend to boating friends.

— jrm52


Great Product

I bought this for use on a 10 foot jon boat that I often use for fishing alone. It makes dropping and lifting the anchor much easier and more convenient than tying it off each time.

— Fisherman5, Greensburg, PA



I looked for a good rope holder all over the internet, forgot about cabela's, put in the keyword found this holder ordered it came in two days, put it on the transom of my boat, adjusted it for the size rope i had, have been smiling ever since.

— rocco51, Michigan


Rope holder

The problem is that you should tell the customer that the holder is designed to be put on the edge overhanging the water. [It is not for mid-deck use.] Nonetheless, it should still be useful.

— IClaudius, Maryland


Works as advertised

This worked great. Very handy and easy to use when I'm out alone in my canoe. Great investment.

— AirForce, Concord, NH


A compact and easy to use rope holder

I installed this rope holder on my 19 foot jon boat. It does not take up a lot of space and it is easy to install and to use. I have recommended this holder to my other fishing buddies.

— travelingfools, near St Louis, MO


great product

put this on my kayak and it works great

— troutbum, deerfield, ma


Great product

Anchor -Fast is easy to install and easy to use. Holds rope securely and has been hassle free. I would highly recommend it.

— Zero, Gilbert AZ.


Outstanding for a Small Boat

I ordered two of these anchor rope holders for a 18 ft jon boat I use for duck hunting and river fishing. Installed one and when went to install the 2nd found that the supplier had made a mistake and the holder was actually bright cast aluminum.

Did not want to use for duck hunting, so called Cabela's. Was instructed to keep the "out of spec" holder and they would send me the proper one next day air, which they did.

That is service.

Have used the holders repeatedly since and have marveled at how well they work. Gave the "bright" holder to a friend for his small Carolina Skiff - he is thrilled.

Great product, greater service.

— Shadfisherman, New Bern, NC



Great idea works well on my 14 foot john boat in the river. Mounting it on is simple and easy, Great Product.

— lexmark, Wolf Point, MT


Anchor fast rope

This is the best thing I have added to my Creek Company ODC 1018. This is a great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— lowbys, Livermore, Ca.



I purchased this product from the originator, "Steadfast Inc"15 years ago at least and the device never failed. It stood up to years of the hot SC sun and it still secures to this day with a grip like iron. Well worth the money. It's fast and releases as soon as you lift the line. Great gift for anyone with a need to secure their boat.

— JamesT, South Carolina


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